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Kids Math: Mean, Median, Mode and Range
When you get a big set of data there are all sorts of ways to mathematically describe the data. The term
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If I make a pill with a little ammonium nitrate inside so when I put the pill in the water and it dissolves, would it still be safe enough to drink

hma has a decent following but it's free proxy doesn't offer protection. if it's only unblocking, it might work, but if encryption is a key factor, then hma paid or an afordable substitute like pia or ivacy might have to do.

Come one! What is wrong with media? They simply wants to put trump name to any given news feature to attract readers. The person is at fault for sexually assaulting someone and now Trump’s name is involved because the accused happens to be employed by Trump’s organisation. Strange! How they relate an incident to another person. Media is simply diverting the focus from the accused for no reason but to scandalize Trump.

When it is Trump and his aides, sex scandals and assaults are quite common. So this piece of news might not surprise people that way. Earlier too we have seen many Trump employees accusing Donald Trump of sexually harassing them and strangely those incident were slipped under carpet as soon as they started doing the rounds. It is definitely the accuser’s guilt to make such an attempt but the fact that he is a Trump staffer adds to the flavor of the show.

If Trump could, he would have added his name to every street and every building in America. Seriously, Trump simply went nuts after winning the elections. The kind of statement he make was always been criticized and presently, it went to a different level. I don’t get the pundit who is trying to pollute United Nation by asking Trump to add his name to it.

Trump is a one man army and he does not need any bull shit advice from any pundit on anything. Trump might have made an understatement on United Nation and this si not the first time for him. Earlier too, Trump had been heard off speaking blatant truth that the world had repeatedly turned down to accept. This is obviously not an exception and soon the truth will be out in daylight.

I believe in Trump’s choice and his power to foresee situations. If filling up these 100 vacancies for federal court is going to be his first duty after taking the office, he will definitely do it with intellect and elan. Trump has always been right in his decision and he has been mostly ridiculed for it as well. Nevertheless, he proved his worth and this time too he will.

We just wish that Trump does not fill in those 100 positions in the federal court with Business Stalwarts. I have grave doubts on Trump’s choice regarding these 100 positions. Trump has always been money minded and he might end up recruiting some business biggies into federal court system. This is going to be disastrous. I think White House needs interfere in this to save the nation.

What is wrong in this if Trump wants to pose himself as our modern Santa. This President at least thinks about fulfilling the wishes of the commoners, who even dares to do that. Probably we are heading toward a better tomorrow with this Christmas. Perhaps, Trump’s ways are weird but his thoughts and ideas are always logical and rational. Congrats Trump!

May be Trump wants to prove he is the Santa of all Americans. Seriously, only god knows what he is up to. What he means by the raised fist? It seems like a Hitlerian Santa. Already there is no dearth of surprises for us since the 2016 Presidential election campaign started, and to top it all, this “Merry Christmas” wish on twitter was like salt and pepper.

Oh come-on! It’s over now. No point in realizing the immense impact that Trump made on people where the Democratic candidate failed disgracefully. It’s not like Joe Biden can undo the situation and at least for the next 4 years it cannot be done. Hope Dems choose a little better candidate other than Hillary to content the Presidential elections. Wish Biden have made this statement a couple of months back, Dems would have had a chance.

Good to hear that Democrats are still analyzing the real reasons that led to their failure in 2016 Presidential elections. Voting bloc definitely played a part in this apart from other drawbacks of their nominated candidate Hillary Clinton. The lady simply could not handle her criticism with an attitude. May be that’s the reason she did not reach out the public.

A request or rather I should say a mere request might get Trump a lot of likes and appreciations on his social media post but will that be of any use. I am doubtful. Trump the ace businessman has always focused on the economic development and none of his past ventures were on the line of bringing down the cost. This seems to be quite unlike Trump and may be another publicity stunt of his.

This is the first time ever I got to hear something from Trump regarding bringin down cost. The real estate mogul has earlier took a dig at many thing but most of them included rising cost or taxes etc. I think Boeing is going to consider this request by the President. Hope Trump comes up with similar views regarding his other economic policies.

Wow! I would call this a pre-planning. Trump has his brain working before anyone’s and I hope with this same gut he plans out for the safety of the nation too. Gosh! We are in safe hands now, the only thing is that media is marring the situation by letting this made public. Hail Trump, you have the power and the brain to do so. Good luck!

Now, we have a President who instead of taking over his responsibilities is planning to elope to safety during nay emergency. And why on earth does he is even imagining such a situation will arise. Is Trump into anything unethical that might give rise to such a situation? I wonder where we stand and what this nation is going to be in near future.

The Election is over, the results are being declared, Trump has already taken over the office of the President and still the debate is on. Sometimes in Hillary banging on Trump and sometimes it is the other way. It seems like there is no end to this drama and the flavor of the 2016 Presidential elections are still continuing. Good luck Trump! Hope you can simply shrug off all these distractions.

I don’t understand why democrats cannot take this against Bill Clinton. A fact is after all a fact and no one is unaware of Bill’s philandering ways. It time Hillary Clinton learns to face this disgrace. She already lost the election, partly due to the scandals of her husband. Clinton has the potential and I think instead of these spokesperson she should speak for herself.

Though Trump’s proposed Tax plan says that many the percentile might remain the same for most tax payers, we are still under Trump alert. Just like the previous tax paying laws are being changed dramatically and will come into effect so drastically, so is expected with this 33% bar of Trump’s tax plan. I think many citizens like me will be apprehensive of it, since Trump prime focus in on business and investors not much on common people.

It looks like Trump is already on his way to make America great again. This change in tax plan will boost the economy and have a great impact of the GDP. Hope Trump is not misunderstood for this as this drastic change might be unwelcomed by many tax payers. The fact is this change is going to yield a marvelous strong economy for future.

Yes, just like us Mitch McConnell too is a sane person and this victory came as a bolt from the blue. I wonder when so many people hates Trump and so many researches and expert views on Trump said he is atrocious for the national administration, how can he add this feather to his hat. This might have been the most unpleasant surprise for him as well as for most of us.

Donald Trump has left no stone unturned for this victory and he well deserves it. Mitch McConnell might have under estimated Trump like many Trump haters, and well Trump is use to shock his haters by all means. This was no big deal for Trump but definitely a great achievement and he earned it really hard. Instead of being shocked he should actually congratulate Trump.

Now going by Trump’s past records I don’t think he needs to worry a much about this vote. During his election campaigns and also during his nominations Trump has faced many hurdles and majority of which came from his own fellow part members, Republicans. So Trump is quite use to handle these stuff and apart from all these Trump still rocks.

Well, this is not the first time that some of Trump’s own party members are going against voting for him. This is a sheer embarrassment for any member when his own party members refuse to support him. Hope other Republicans too recognize the atrocities that can hover over the national administration if Trump gets a clean sheet support to the presidency.